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A portion of the proceeds from each book sold goes to two extremely worthy causes:

The Keaton Raphael Memorial Fund (www.childcancer.org) who reached out to us in our time of desperation and do the same for other families afflicted by pediatric cancer diagnoses to offer support and access to vital services.

And the Leukemia Lymphoma Society who donate tens of millions of dollars annually to groundbreaking research into the causes, treatments, and one day a cure for blood cancers.

Without the treatment he has received, which now boasts a 94% cure rate thanks to organizations like Keaton Raphael Memorial and LLS, we were told Bryce's cancer would have taken him in three months! This book has given me the ability to write a couple humble checks to them, I want to be able to give so much more! Buying this book will allow me to do that.

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